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Friday, September 23, 2011

a new twist

I was looking at a friends blog, Creative Paint and Paper and she had made a vertical paper bag album, 12" tall... I loved the idea and made one myself! I stacked my bags (6) and then bound them, two at a time, with 12" long strips of cardstock using my ATG gun. I then made a chipboard cover out of a piece of heavier chipboard I got in a  pack of paper. I measured the thickness of the stack of bags and then made the cover the same depth in the middle using my cutter to score the folds (gently! Not too deep!).
 This is how it looks from the outside.
And here is the inside. I alternated the flaps and sometimes used them and sometimes I didn't. If I wasn't going to use them, I glued them down.
 The cover has bits of lace, flowers, pretty things!
 You can use the gussets on the bags to insert flaps, make pockets, anything creative you can come up with!
 On this page I did use the flap and made it into a pocket. The large tags fit into the pocket.
I made pockets for both pages. ;o)
 At the top of the left page there is a flap that i glued into the gusset of the bag, It has room for a photo on the outside and two more photos inside.
 Th flap at the bottom left closes a pocket inside that page. There is a 6x12 photo mat inside of it.
The two frames I have in the album (one at the top of this left page) both have the tops left open so that a picture can be inserted.  
Have fun, take the idea and run! I would love to see what you make!
God Bless!

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