puppy love and paper hearts

Friday, September 10, 2010

there is a chill in the air...

I know it is temporary, but wow! I am very very tired of hot weather. It has been cool enough in the evenings to have the windows open some, I can't say I have been chilly yet, but I will take cool with a smile on my face. That is kind of what inspired this album. I was just so excited to think ahead to fall! Pumpkins,  Autumn breezes. Harvest time. Back to school. Thanksgiving!!!! (I am thinking fresh rolls, pumpkin pie, roasting turkey.....YUM.)
Anyway a peek at some of it:

I learned a little something making this one... Plan your pages out ahead of time... and mark them, lightly, but mark them with your plan for the page. I had planned to put a Halloween page in before  the Thanksgiving one and accidentally started the Thanksgiving one instead. Too late! As the albums are sewn together, it wasn't fixable. The album turned out lovely and I don't really like Halloween so it was ok- just not my plan!
If anyone has any ideas on how to change a booboo like that, I am ALWAYS open to suggestion!
If someone out there likes this one, I have listed it on ebay...you can click on my store link, Pretty Papers Pretty Ribbons, up at the left.
Hoping your week is blessed~

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Remember these days

Feeling the need to create something different and new, I started out with a blank piece of chipboard, cut in a sort of a tag shape. I covered it in paper and just started playing around with ideas. The result was this:

I am pleased with how it turned out, it is pretty and vintagey, very much my kind of thing!
Doorknob or wall hanging, I am well pleased.
Happy Labor Day!